Saturday, April 16, 2011


We are both recovering from a cold so slept in this morning and headed out to Yosemite.  Jeff has been here 3-4 times and climbed half dome and other peaks in the valley, but this was Lorena's first trip here. 

We headed into the North entrance and used our "senior pass"  (you guys have got to get this if you don't have it already, all national parks are free with it and it costs maybe $50)  you can use it for your lifetime and is available after you turn 62.   Lorena, of course, is WAY away from this availability but Jeff qualifies! 

It's really a nice park and huge!  We headed toward Bridalveil Falls and and took a quick hike to see it close up...really spectacular and very misty!  We got pretty wet.  We then headed toward the center of the park and parked and took Casey with us on a nice long trail towards the river, and lots of leftover snow..which he immediately rolled in, tunneled into, bit, and tried to make snow angels!  What a goof!

We toured the Yosemite Historic Museum and village and checked with the Rangers regarding the viability of the 10'5" tunnels for our 12' RV...not that any of us were concerned!   She said no problem the buses go through here all the time!   It was so busy though today, Saturday, even in mid-April, that we decided to stay another day and go through it on Monday.  The only way out we have with the RV is to go through the park and the tunnels are part of that scenario.  There are two short tunnels at the 10'5" and one LONG tunnel at 10'9".   Our plan is to unhook the Honda from the back, run interference  in front with the hazard lights flashing and hope for the best...wish us luck!

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