Saturday, April 16, 2011

Farms, Fowl and old Friends

Friday was an eventful day!   We drove through gorgeous farmlands:  olive trees, almond orchards, rice fields, vineyards and onion fields--the fields and farm houses are so neat and tidy from Red Bluff to Sacramento and then south...we saw lots of fowl:  red-winged blackbirds, wild turkeys, hawks, snowy egrets, and even the lowly buzzard.

Along the way we saw MANY kit cars, hot rods, and vintage cars heading to Redding---there was a car show there and they were caravaning...I bet we saw at least 100 cars traveling the opposite way on their own, plus many vehicles towing an enclosed car-sized trailer.  Must be a good show!

We got to Sacramento where we were scheduled to meet old friends Tom and Carolee--they were very patient with us with our changes of time and venue...such nice folks.  They came up with a restaurant close to I-5 that we could meet them for lunch and chat.  We actually got there on time (no small feat given the whole hook-up scenario and unknowns along the way).  We had a great chat and lunch and their son, Kevin, took a quick break from work to meet us and chat for a few minutes. Really a great visit with them, although of course too short.

They directed us to the closest Costco for gas (this beast drinks a LOT!)...for those of you following us from Seattle, this Sac Costco is 47 times more busy!  We waited in line for gas for at least 1/2 hour and then had to go to the first pump and then the second (they only let you get $100 of gas at a time).  We even had time to chat with the guy ahead of us in a Subaru--he was from Cheney and couldn't wait to get back!  He thought our Puget Sound traffic was better than Sac's!!

We took the highway 120 exit and soon found that our forefathers drove much smaller and more agile moho's than us ;-) was narrow and windy...our favorites!   We then got to the road to our RV Park, which  is just outside of Yosemite.   This sucker was NARROW, WINDY, and VERY much like the old Lucy and Desi movie "The Long Trailer"---we were biting our nails and going about 13 mph... we did however arrive in one piece, but did NOT look forward to going down this sucker!    An OK RV park, but good proximity to Yosemite...tomorrow!

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