Saturday, April 23, 2011

Williams, AZ and on to Holbrook, AZ

Yesterday we had a "down" day given all the wind, the stress of driving slow with the trucks barreling down your whitey-tightey's, etc.  We had a nice hike around the perimeter of Kaibab Lake and then had our picnic lunch.  Lots of fishermen there and they were catching trout!  We noticed all the pines that appeared to be dying and then discovered that the pine beetle is the cause...what destruction those tiny guys can produce!   The trees have been stressed due to drought conditions in the last couple of years and so the sap can't easily stop an infestation in the tree, and then they slowly kill the tree.   Really a problem throughout CA and AZ apparently.

We came back and did the "downtown walking tour" of the historic buildings along Route 66 that went through Williams.  Interesting to think about what it must have been like to do the Chicago to LA Route 66  back in the the poor towns are subsisting on nostalgia for those "good ole days" and the Nation Parks along the way. 

We enjoyed seeing all the children out--for the long Easter holiday(?)    We later had a nice relaxing dinner at the RV and then listened to the Mariners actually win a game!

Today we decided to go to our Easter Brunch a day early and wanted to get going pretty early but didn't actually get out of the RV Park until about 9:45.  The winds were continuing and we were looking forward to today's drive with trepidation.  The day started poorly since we decided to take a "loop" that really produced nothing of interest and was very stressful since we had to unhook, take the car with the "kayak sails" on a  SE direction with W winds (winds 20-25, gusts to 45+) and then get hooked back up to the RV.  We continued on after some "interesting discussion" and then took the meteor crater park exit and again with the SE direction and W winds to the museum and center.  Really super interesting and impossible to imagine what it must have been like to experience this meteor hitting the earth.  

The crater is 550' deep, 2.4 miles in circumference, and nearly a mile across...the devastation when this hit must have been unbelievable to see from space!  Wouldn't want to be here on the planet, though!

We managed to go about 50 mph the rest of the  way to Holbrook as the winds howled and rocked us as we went along, not to mention the horrific truck traffic and ridiculous speeds they maintain!  All the RVer's commiserate when we reach a park in the late afternoon, lamenting the winds, the trucks, etc.  On we go tomorrow to Albuquerque (but early, as they say the winds won't be bad until noon or so....really??).  

Happy Easter to you all!!!

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