Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winnemucca, Runamucca!

Travelling north to Winnemucca, NV, we went over 300 miles (okay, in a moho this is a long way!) from Ely.  There wasn't too much of the "scenic highway" on this days journey.  We have time to note unusual situations and see immediately that we are swimming upstream!  Since it is late October, we encounter MANY RV'ers headed south for the winter...the proverbial snowbirds are migrating...we are definitely bucking the trend!

Honestly, we had only two or three cars/trucks go around us -- we only go about 50-55 mph-- and we encounter lots and lots of folks going the other way.  Most are moho's with toads (towed vehicles behind moho's), some 5th wheels and a variety of "others."  As a side note, when we get to RV Parks, we talk to other folks as we hook-up and unhook at the site and the chatter is mostly about the weather (much wind?  have you heard the forecast for X?)  and where we've just been.  We use tripadvisor.com for restaurant recommendations in each city we visit, along with the local folks recommendations.  We've been lucky in Winnemucca, as we choose to eat breakfast out at The Griddle--the busiest place in town at 9:30 am on Sunday.  It was your typical small town diner (which really have the best breakfasts!).  The morning menu was huge, and included choices with french toast or pancakes with the usual eggs, breakfast meat and coffee.  Jeff had hashbrowns with eggs and sausage and I tried the french toast.  When it came, I couldn't believe the size of the french toast!  It came on a separate plate with real maple syrup and whipped butter.  My eggs and bacon were on a separate plate that was smaller than my french toast plate!!  I could only eat 2/3 of one french toast, but YUMMMM!!!  Jeff kindly ;-)  helped me out with the rest of it!

We found that Winnemucca has many interesting festivals and celebrations..one of which is the "Run-a-mucca"...a run/walk/bike for charity that is a big draw in the area and a cause for celebration.  It's a charming use of their city name to promote a charity run---good for them!

Hiking was in order after this gastronomic extravaganza...so we headed out to the Water Canyon area.  Some very nice homes out this way with acreage and beautiful white fences for their livestock.  We parked at the end of the road, where there were two picnic spots (other picnic areas we had passed on the way in...so picturesque along the stream and with beautiful deciduous trees showing their fall colors).

We started out on our hike....
We really enjoyed the quiet beauty of the stream, which we traversed several times, and the serenity of the draw.  We saw recent coyote scat and heard many birds along the way.  We had a fairly good climb on the way in and saw where 4-wheeler/ATVers had come in the past.  We rejoiced in our luck of being the only ones on the trail both up and back and got back in our car feeling like we had a good "close-in" wilderness experience.  We then headed back downtown and as we passed the entrance to the park we saw a group of probably 25 ATVs at a group picnic site having lunch and getting ready to head out!  We dodged a bullet!!!

Back at the ranch, we changed clothes and went into town--Jeff to gamble and me to watch the Seahawks--okay, switch it!  We got there about 1/2 time and Jeff watched the second half while I played Lobstermania (the game GA introduced me to) and Crabmania (yuk!).  Also, I told my Mom that I would play $20 for her on video poker (we used to play video poker together when I would go with them to Reno up until 20 years ago or so).  I put in the $20 and it wasn't paying well at all, so I eeked out $15 and said that's it!  On Lobstermania I did better but the Seahawks game was long and lousey and and I hate NFL football!  Soo, I lost my winnings.  But I did win the half-time drawing of $25!  AND I have a chance to win a Polaris ATV!!  I'm pretty excited about that (just kidding)!

So off to Baker City, Oregon and then to G&G's (what we call my parents, age 97 and 93, grandma and grandpa to Bill and Caroline, hence G&G).  We'll get an early start tomorrow and then have a 327 mile drive to Baker.  That's a lot for a wimp like me in a moho!