Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Fun and Sun" Tulare to Questionable Newberry Springs

Leaving Tulare we were anxious to get to divided freeway after the day before.  We did have some divided highway, but some really rough roads.  It's pretty apparent that California is not spending a lot on infrastructure currently. 

We passed some truly beautiful fields of every thinkable crop:  pistachios, alfalfa, wheat, thousands of acres of grapes, citrus and almonds, potatoes, onions, asparagus, etc.  Some of these fields are so large you can't see the end of it.  Really beautifully maintained.  So much flood irrigation--seems odd for such a dry climate.

Coming upon a family farm stand, we stopped and I was able to get some really fresh asparagus, navel oranges, local avocado, dates and a special treat of fudge for Jeff.  This was a great stop because there was plenty of room to park and turn around for our 50ft-ish of total length (which is no small feat, but we're getting lots better as we go!) and great fresh veggies and fruit. 

We got to our exit for the RV Park we were headed to today and had 7 1/2 miles yet to go off the freeway.  Just so you understand  our logistics, we figure approx 6 miles/gal, and in California the gas prices are $4.20+/gal.  So we need to add on $5 or so/6 miles off the freeway (and then back, another $5) so we have some calculating to do to determine if a RV  Park makes sense to get to or not.  Same holds true for tracking low gas prices;  Costco or the like may not make sense given the # of miles off the highway.

So, here we are at Newberry Springs RV  Park!

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