Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow, Sun and a Rodeo!

When leaving Bend, the weather indicated "BREEZY" --not vertical flying snow--into Klamath Falls....that's what we got about 40 miles out of Bend!  The snow started as flurries and then became heavier followed by full-out vertical snow, sticking, and then followed by a white-out for a bit!  We were concerned since we had about 90 more miles to go!  

We called Bob (brother) and he said sunny and clear in Klamath Falls, so on we went.  We wanted to warn the other RVer's coming UP the hill in the other lane that they may encounter some issues, but how do you do that?  We cleared the snow and wind and Klamath was good but cold.  We chatted with Bob and Betty a bit and then went to dinner at a nice golf course restaurant 3 blocks from their house.  Convenient!  We were parked at their curb.  Casey "Noodle" had a fun time with their new adopted dog, Sammie and we retired early (SOOO tired!)

We had to send a fax first thing Thursday to transfer $ to a Roth IRA--darn, the real world creeps in!  Bob was kind enough to lead us to the Staples and then we were off to our Red Bluff, CA destination.  What a really nice drive, except the price of gas in California is well over $4/gal!  We arrived about 3:00 and set up (it normally takes about 15-20 minutes to set up at a site:  I get out direct Jeff in the site (it takes a couple of tries usually), we hook up to the sewer, water, electric and cable if they have it.  Some sites have only electric and water.  

After settling in, we went for a walk around the area and were amazed at the roses in bloom, and the lilacs and iris ready to burst!  In Seattle it's at least a month away!

 Betty (sister-in-law) had told us that her son, Nathan, was competing at the Red Bluff Rodeo this weekend and as we were walking what did we see but the Rodeo grounds!!  We went to take a look and found it to be a big grounds with lots of seating.  Betty explained that her son is the anchor on a 3-man team that has to saddle a wild horse and ride it over a course, with her son being the anchor on the rope that keeps the horse in check.  Sounds like trouble!

We went to dinner at a nearby restaurant, the Green Barn--what a classic place!   This reminds me so much a restaurant in my hometown, the 4-10...the staples of prime rib, fillet Mignon, baked potato and salad.  I wish I had a video of this, though, with all the rodeo guys coming in and their cowboy hats and boots and ordering huge steaks--it is wonderful Americana.   How much more real does it get?

We are pooped but SOO enjoying our trip.  These old farts are off to visit friends tomorrow for lunch in Sacramento and then to a RV park near Yosemite to explore there. 

Some of you have emailed asking how to respond to our blog, and I'm not sure, but you can always email us and PLEASE if you have any suggestions as to what to see, where to eat, stay, etc. as we travel on, let us know.  We welcome ALL suggestions!!!

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