Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Windy" is the new black!!

Albuquerque is a great city to visit--if you haven't spent any time here, please do...so much to do and see.  We have traveled quite a lot and think the roads/bridges/medians/plantings along the roads within the metropolitan area to be some of the finest we've seen.  The bridges are spectacular and so beautifully planted. 

We visited the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History today---what a FANTASTIC museum!  This is one that I was not overly excited about, but WOW what a great find!  Super well done and only about 3 years old.  Lots of information about the atomic bomb development and testing and put in context of WWII history.  Replicas of the "little boy" and the "fat man" bombs were there, as well as information about the complete takeover of Trinity NM to house the scientists and test the bomb (the gvt bought out the whole town and the residents had 2 weeks to move out!).  An interesting aside in the museum was the pop culture take-off from the atomic bomb...from the 40's to current ie: comic books, sodas and even a current expression:  "da bomb!".

The winds continue, gusts to 55-60 mph, but settling down by midnight they say.  We have investigated getting our front end aligned and will get that done tomorrow at 7 am, taking off from there for Santa Fe area, bagging our previous route through Amarillo TX and east through TX due to huge winds, wildfires and continuing tornado threats throughout the area.
We have ordered a "super stabilizer" from Camping World that will be sent to the Colorado Springs CW for them to install for us in 7-10 days...so that means we will have time to really enjoy northern NM and southern CO---so many lakes and trails and parks to see along the way!  We're very lucky...

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