Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mojave Desert, I-40, on to Arizona

So, last night was the Twin Lakes Rv Park in Newberry Springs.   We are not particularly picky about quick overnight stays, but this was a strange experience.  We used our "passport" catalog (this is like the 'Entertainment' coupon book except for RV parks)  to find a place along the I-40 corridor because we couldn't make it any further  in one day.   Note the name "Twin Lakes"--one would expect 2 lakes, right?  Well, one might say we found less than that.  

There are many types of RV Parks, and we have expected a variety  and have found them really pretty interesting as we go along.  This one, however was VERY interesting...This is in the middle of the desert, and viewing the abodes we passed by enroute, determined that there are many "desert dwellers" along the I-40 corridor...this was a misnomer in caps.  There were no "lakes" and the place was clearly less than kept.  The bathrooms had cobwebs spanning the mirror/sink/toilet "expanse" (complete with spiders).  We loved that we could
take Casey over to play ball and let him run free--and frankly, we're fine with this but it does make for good blogging...;-)

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