Monday, April 11, 2011

Here we are in Bend, Oregon!!

Hi All.....everyone had such a great time at G&G's--we all got together on Saturday for a big "farm breakfast" and lots of yakkity-yak and fun for Connor and Jilly (the g-kids) plus dog Casey MacDougal (Connor calls him Casey Noodle).  We decided that we would go to the local fromagerie (where they make goat and sheep cheese) which is a pretty cool little farm just down the road from G&G's, and on the way to Bill and Marcy's hotel for the kids to have a nap afterwards.  What a good idea!  They have wine and cheese tasting there, but even more importantly, there are the new little baby goats (kids) and sheep (lambs) there on the premises!  While the adults had the wine/cheese samples, the kids played with the antique covered wagons, trains, etc.  But the big hit was afterwards getting to go to the barn and see the little TINY ones....some just born within the last day or two!!! Marcy got to hold a newbie and Connor and Jilly could pet the goats and see them nurse, etc.  What a TREAT! 

We then reconvened at G&G's and had dinner and did the yakkity-yak and were sad as  tomorrow was take-off day. 

Sunday arrived with lots of wind--just what we want for driving a moho with tow car and wind-sails (I mean kayaks) atop!  Dad treated us to breakfast out at the White Stallion (you have to admit you love the name for a farm restaurant!) and we had a huge table in the back and a great breakfast where everyone talks at once and the kids are exploring and having a good time.  We headed back to G&G's and after much yaking sent Bill and family on their way back to Spokane and then Tucson, us packing up and securing the interior of the moho, pulling in the slides, turning everything around to hook up the Honda, and heading down the road.

We had some pretty good wind at first, but really turned out fine all the way to Bend.  We got into  the Crown Villa RV Park--which is less than 1/2 mile from daughter Caroline and her husband Josh's home (and grandkids Ryan and Anna)--we can easily walk there!

We're so excited to arrive and see everyone!   Caroline has invited us for dinner so we just show up and we're taken care of!  Pretty nice!  She says she knows I was likely exhausted from cooking and cleaning at G&G's so she treated us!  Very nice dinner and conversation--Josh is a ultra-marathoner and had a 40-mile run earlier in the day but was doing just fine (I can't really longest running distance has been maybe 10 miles, Jeff has run a half-marathon...but that was YEARS ago....). 

Anna has a bad cold but such a trooper...she is sneezing and coughing and had a fever, but is game for a laugh-athon with her brother and sooo sweet with no complaining. 

Monday found us discussing with Caroline her project for us while we are there...we always like to keep busy and have the kids line up projects for us while we visit.  Caroline's project was an L-shaped bench for her patio.  We spent some time figuring it out, went to Lowe's for the lumber and had them rip it for us---you HAVE TO DO THIS if you have a similiar project---they cut the lumber to size, perfectly, for free immediately!!! No fuss, no cleanup and WOW!

Anyway, I only provide the grunt labor, Jeff does the sawing, nailing, etc. and viola! a 6' bench that looks fab!   Tomorrow a 7 footer!

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