Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Again, Home Again!

I'm sorry to be slow in getting this last post of our trip done, but I was pooped!  We traveled and reminisced as we went on Saturday, leaving early morning and having some wind issues early but nothing we were overly concerned about.  We gawked at the swollen rivers and lakes and we passed them and felt badly for the businesses trying to recover from the recession with flooding now stopping tourist business.  We get more excited to reach home as the miles accumulate and we see more beautiful weather!

Arriving home about 12:30, I immediately got in the car to retrieve our mail---OMG!!  When I got to the counter to request it, the lady asked if I had a bus!!  She took about 10 minutes to bring out a huge roller cart with our 7 weeks of mail in it!   It took me a while to get it out to the car and load it..can't imagine how long it's going to take to sort through it and process it!  Where's my staff when I need them??

We powered through unloading much of the RV and since I didn't clean the refrigerator before we left, I wanted to do it now since it was mostly empty before we unloaded the RV refer, so I did a thorough cleaning and then loaded our "real" refrigerator again.   It takes a long time to load and unload a vehicle that houses your life for 7 weeks! 

Later in the evening, we sat with a glass of wine and reminded each other of our favorite times and places, our highs and lows and some of the places we'd like to revisit.  During our travels I also made a list of some of the great places we had seen, gone through or just thought were worth mentioning:

We traveled through nine states and covered over 5,000 miles and went through some wonderful sounding places:  Willows, Clear Lake, Woodland and Zamora;  Peaceful Drive, CO and Opportunity,  MT. 

As most of you know, we also had some weather issues, and appropriately traveled through some interestingly-named places:  Hell-Roaring Indian Ridge, MT;  Lightning Ridge, CO; Devil's Canyon, CO; and Wind River Canyon, WY.    There were also aptly named areas and just plain funny:  Horsetooth Reservoir in CO and  Poison Spider Rd outside of Casper, WY.    Also in WY:  Zero Road, Gas Hills Road,  and Chugwater, where appropriately there is a chili cook-off June 18.

We saw the "Save on Groceries & Become a Millionaire Mart" in California;   Shinarump Drive and the Holy Moses Wash,  both in Arizona;  there is also Hoopem-up Hollow in WA and Meyham Gulch in CO.  Where else would you want to go?

Our experiences along the way were rich and our friendships appreciated.  We gained a lot from the trip even though we didn't get to our ultimate destination of the east coast and seeing friends Gerry Ann and Eric, Bob and Jane, Maddy and Jerry, Karen and Mac, etc., but we'll get a chance to see most of them in Las Vegas in October, so it won't be so long.  We'll be taking our moho down then, so we'll blog on this site  beginning again in later September, and we'll be gone about a month.   Hope you will follow  us then!

Jeff reminds me to post that we got 7 mpg instead of the 6 he thought we were getting---he's very proud of that extra mile!

Thanks to so many of you who took the time to catch our blog--we enjoyed relaying our travels and mishaps and fun times;  we had followers from 7 countries--over all we had 672 site views from the US and 16 from Malaysia, 9 from Germany, 9 from Singapore, 1 from the UK, India and Russia. 

Safe travels to everyone and a special quiet  moment for all those who have served our countries well  and are no longer with us.

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