Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HERE WE GO! RV Adventure #2!!!

Here we are again, on the road and  loving it.  It's so great to be home, it's great to be at our island home on Lopez, and it's great to be on the road!!  We worry (well, okay, it's mostly me) that the market will be awful, that we'll have an earthquake at home (I get extra credit this time...we've had several minor earthquakes off and near our coastline!) or that we'll have so much rain that our house will wash down the road to the ocean...mostly I worry about this at 4 am when I can't sleep and Jeff is sawing logs....ok,  I digress....

We had a wonderful time traveling to my parent's home in SE Washington.  We are so lucky to have them still thriving and enjoying life.  We brought a full dinner with us for them, along with several fish dinners (frozen for their convenience) and other goodies for later consumption.  We had MAX veggies from local folks--how good does it get?  Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE veggies of all ilks and this is PRIME TIME for fresh veggies...we brought:  kale, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, green beans, celery, beets, parsley, etc from our Lopez garden to our home in Edmonds, hoping for them to last 'til we got to G&G's (often followers will know this is son Bill and daughter Caroline's grandparents, Isabelle and Barney) and beyond.

We were so happy to get on the road with the ole' MOHO (the Beast!) and had an uneventful trip to G&G's.  We were cheered before we left by our neighbors, Ron and Barbara, who invited us down to indulge in a "wee glass of wine"  to wish us well and get us off to a good start ; ).   We always enjoy their company and this was a treat we really enjoy--sharing time with them.

G&G were doing so well (Dad had the crossword done before 8 am);  Mom has some trouble walking around, but nothing she feels she can't handle.  She refuses a cane/walker/etc., which may be the reason she's still getting around so well at 93; Dad at 97 is having a bit of a problem with his neck...I gave him therma-cares with the hope that he would use them (setting him up with his first one on his neck before we left). 

We went to breakfast at the usual "White Stallion"--the hangout for the "locals"---although Waitsburg is being infiltrated with "yuppie" places:  coffee houses, wine tasting rooms, and Seattle lounge/pool halls, we still run into lots of people who know G&G.  Even given their age and SOOO many of their peers and those decades younger who they knew and grew fond of have passed, there still seems to be many who stop and say hello and say something about how they knew them while we sit in the restaurant.

We had wonderful weather (75 and slightly cloudy) and then too soon it was time to move on.  Our next stop was our daughter and her family's home in Bend.  This took us 6+ hours to drive (stopping in Umatilla for gas--which was $3.89/gal--we asked about the high cost and they (how honest!) said they raised prices because of the Pendleton Roundup traffic!

We arrived at the Crown Villa RV Park about 5:30 pm and setup and were ready to go the kids'  by 6:15, having dinner at their house.   Ryan has just come down with a cold and Anna is close behind.  Bummer!!  I'm dosing oregano oil and hoping for the best--it's too late for the kids, they're already in the cold spectrum!

We walked Ryan (with Anna in tow) to his kindergarten class--it's "Picture Day!!!"   What a cute thing:  walking through dirt trails for 1/4 mile or so to his school (which will be his school through grade 5) and me peeking through the door ("Grandma, you can go now!!!") till they started school. 

We get lots of Jeff and Lorena time with the grandkids tomorrow while Caroline does her bookkeeping work with her clients...yeah!!!

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