Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Denver Airport & T-Storms

Yesterday we had a relaxing morning getting Jeff ready to go and Casey set up for a few hours until I got back to the beast after going with Jeff into the airport to meet friends Rod and Barb for lunch at a diner near the airport.  We enjoyed seeing them--it's been almost 2 years so we had a lot of catching up to do.  They had just spent a month in Italy staying with different families and had good stories.  One of the places they visited and loved was Pompeii which was one of our favorite places too--so intriguing!

We got Jeff off to the airport after lunch and I rode back to  the beast with Barb, as she was headed in that direction.  After Barb got the "extended" tour of the moho (includes the pull-out pantry) she headed home and I got a call from Jeff saying they cancelled his flight and he had scrambled to get a seat on a Southwest flight to LA.  Not his favorite airline!  He wasn't impressed with the service provided on the flight (or lack of).  At least he got to LA in time to catch a ride with a fellow board member and all was well.

Casey and I had a walk through the area and enjoyed some of the neighborhood sights and visited with lots of dogs along the way.  We listened to the Mariner's game (well, mostly Casey) and finally were rewarded with a win. The next morning started with some showers but let  up after breakfast  so we headed out for our long walk.  We have now gone walking in every direction possible, so it's time to move on to hiking trails at a city or state park!   I didn't have a car but had my bike and my feet, so no worries.  After our walk, the thunderstorms began again in earnest.  It sounded like machine gun fire on the roof of the beast!  We are so aware of the weather in this because we are so exposed to it...inside, any little shower or wind sounds like much more than what's actually happening outside...

On my way through the RV park  to get to my walking destination today, I was joined for a while by two little girls on their scooters.  One sister caught up with me and asked me about Casey, wanting to know his name.  I told her and she said "that's my sister's name!"  whom soon joined us.  Her sister told her Casey's name, and she laughed and said "well!   guess whose birthday is today?"  We  determined it was hers ;-), and that she had received a huge (4'!) teddy bear for her 7th birthday.  She was very excited!

I decided to get a make a big salad and get a pizza down the road and bring back to have with my salad.  I ordered one Jeff would like--BBQ chicken-- as I thought he might still be hungry when he got home at 8 or so and I wouldn't eat even half.

Jeff arrived and all was well.  We're pretty sure we're headed to the Bear Creek Lake Park tomorrow. 

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