Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

We started out from Golden, CO with high hopes of hiking, biking, and yaking at the Bear Creek Lake Park, and got quickly set up at the campground (we can set up with power only in about 10 minutes flat now!) only to hear the machine-gun hail on our roof to quell our hopes.  We were talking to Barb and Rod yesterday and they were saying they have 310 days of sunshine in the Denver area every's like Seattle only gets drizzles....we have had 4 days out of 5 of rain/hail/clouds in  this area!! What are the odds?? 

We had a nice day anyway---we waited out the rain/hail as we shopped at "King's Sooper" and Costco and then came back to the beast to put things away and then head out on a hike.  We were looking around our small campground (47 sites) and being off-season, there aren't many folks here but there are two tent sites's been hailing, thunder/lightning, rain, etc.  these guys need to rent yurts!!!

The elements were not to deter us and we prepared for an hour hike, rain or not!  Off we went to find a trail and we found one quickly.  The weather was so bad that there were no bikers or walkers, etc and so (don't tell anybody!) we let Casey Noodle off the leash to run and have a blast!  We walked through strong winds and the beginning of rain (hood up!) to have a good outing for both Casey and the two of us...we enjoyed it thoroughly.

When we got back to the beast we got ready for dinner (I promised Jeff I would take him to dinner at Cafe Prague...he still resents the fact that he didn't get to Prague while we were in Europe and Caroline and I this was my make-up!).  I knew he would love several options and he immediately chose the sausage/red cabbage/potatoes/mustard option (the kids will understand!) and I had the trout caught locally....OMG!  My trout was fabulous and Jeff loved his sausages.  I was afraid he wouldn't get the roasted hot dogs he was longing for over the campfire (since it was poring rain and freezing at our fire-ring!).  Unfortunately, the forecast was for 90% precip for tomorrow, too.

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  1. I used to build King Soopers when we lived in the Denver area. That was a long time ago....

    You were missed at the Puget Sound Bank annual meeting!