Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lost wallet, great RV park, good hikes

After arriving at Flagstaff, AZ and getting set up at our nice campsite, we went to get groceries at the local Safeway and then decided to have a quick dinner out at the Beaver Street Brewery--highly recommended through Tripadvisor.  We were pleased with our dinner and left to have a good night sleep.

The next morning I was going to run errands and could not find my wallet!! We looked everywhere, under, over, between, everywhere!  Even in the freezer!  The only thing I could think of was that when we went to get groceries, in looking for places to put the groceries, I must have put my wallet on the roof to find places and whoosh!  We drove away with it on top?!  Crazy!
We went to the Safeway, etc. looking for it, but...

So, I spent the rest of the afternoon cancelling debit cards, credit cards, etc.  I didn't think much about the cash in my wallet--I had just gone to the ATM but had split the cash with Jeff.  After calling home several times each day (my home phone # is of course on my DL, etc) to no avail, I had pretty much given up, and luckily, my husband was a trooper in not calling me out on the loss--my fault of course, but who hasn't lost something important along the way???  Anyway, we went about our time in Flagstaff, having fun and going on hikes and enjoying ourselves.  We had great weather, 65 degrees or so, no wind, no rain!  We enjoyed the Wupatki National Monument which includes several pueblo ruins, with walks at each of them.

We did a driving tour of Wupatki and the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.  I saw my first tarantula "in the wild" before we left the parking lot--a "little guy" (according to my husband) that was probably 3" across, headed for the grasses.  My first thought was 'I thought these guys were nocturnal'...Jeff agrees so we're not sure what's up.

Anyway, after we finished our tours we headed home (to the Beast) to get ready to take off the next day for Tucson.  We went to a Greek restaurant for happy hour dinner and had a good time watching the "fire breathing barkeeps" and the skittering waitstaff dancing Greek-style while the the Greek music played in the background--really fun and good value!

Wednesday morning we got up early and went out to a 'Best of Flagstaff' restaurant called The Place.  OMG!  These breakfasts are HUGE!  We took home enough for 3 breakfasts!  After arriving back at the Beast, I gave one more call to our home voicemail....after logging in I hear "this is the Flagstaff Police Department"....and I'm thinking oh no!  Someone has taken my ID and done something awful!!  Continue to listen, I hear "someone has found your wallet and turned it in to us!!""  Wowsa!!!  I can't TELL YOU how happy I was!!

We went to the Police Dept and got my wallet, complete with all my cards, pictures, notes, and cash!  Every last dollar!  Even my postage stamps!!  This was so appreciated and I am so grateful for this wonderful person's honesty and integrity!  I couldn't leave a reward with the Police, but they gave me the person's address to send a reward to, so a heartfelt thanks and check went to her!!  What a great thing to do--I told Jeff that I hope her children or grandchildren were with her when she turned in my wallet so they could learn from her example.

We were late heading out to Catalina State Park due to this hoopla, but that's ok!!!  We took the 17 south to highway 60 to 79 down to Catalina (20+ miles north of Tucson).  We had reserved this State park site weeks in advance and were delighted with the park!!  Very few campers and a beautiful site.  We took a bike ride around the area and then settled in to see the g-kidlets tomorrow!!

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