Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bliss in Utah and then Cherry Hill

We were headed to SLC Utah on Friday, still thinking of how hard it was to leave Caroline/Josh and the g-kids!  After we were on the road, we were gratified to pass by many, many miles of "severe winds next 20 miles" and "severe dust storms--do not stop on road!!"--we passed them like we didn't care!  (okay, the winds were maybe 20 mph at most).  Compared to this spring in these type of areas we were home-free!
 We left with just some cantaloupe under our belts and a thought of breakfast after a couple of hours. ID and UT get high marks for their highways--ID has many miles under construction and their handling of the transitions--wonderful!

 We had breakfast in Bliss (how can it get better than that?), ID.  Unfortunately, we discovered that our automatic braking system between the Beast and the car was not working.  We called the installer, the manufacturer and then, after many tries to restore it, the repair shop closest on our route:  "Charlie's Repairs" in Sunset, UT.  We feel really comfortable about that whole thing!!

Anyway, we decided to stay over in Kaysville, UT, which won't be too far for us to get back to  "Charlie's Repairs" and easy to get to SLC with the car to see Temple Square, etc.  We pulled into Cherry Hill RV Park--where there is mini-golf, batting cage, water slide, and scary Halloween maze!  On the RV site!!  :)))))

Well, we headed into SLC on Saturday morning and were intent on seeing Temple Square and particularly the Tabernacle, Family History Museum and hear the organ recital at 12:00. Here is the inside of the Tabernacle:

  When we got there, there was the huge Mormon conference where 25,000+ Mormons converge on SLC from all over the world to worship and hear their leaders speak.  We had no idea this was going on now, but when we discovered it, we reveled in being immersed in a sea of 15,000 or so white shirts (EVERY single male of any age wore a white shirt and slacks, at least;  most wore suits with white shirts and ties).  The women were dressed as if they were going to a ball--beautiful dresses, fab shoes and hair ornaments, etc.  So here Jeff and I were, in jeans and non-white shirts (at least we didn't have shorts on!).

 Even so, we were welcomed and treated with so much kindness as we toured the Tabernacle, Mormon History Museum and beautiful grounds.  We sat in on a "session" and found the people in the audience (from everywhere in the world--Tasmania, Japan, Jamaica---everywhere!!) to be universally clean-cut, immaculately attired, and totally interested in the message.  What a unique experience for us to be one of maybe 20 that were not Mormons among the 25,000!  In the History Museum, we sat in on a simulated classroom for 8 on the Deseret alphabet...the phonetic alphabet created to help all non-English speakers to share a common language,  used in Utah from 1860-1880.  The teacher was quite a task master for us students!

The grounds in Temple Square were beautiful and yet SO interesting with the Conference sessions going on.  We were respectful and in awe of the attendees and their dedication.  Unfortunately, as with every big gathering, there were protesters and nay-sayers.   There were even ticket-scalpers looking to sell high-end tickets!

We're headed to Salt Lake tomorrow and a picnic lunch.  So excited to see the lake!

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