Monday, October 17, 2011

Lorena turns 39 AGAIN!

After we returned to the Beast Sunday night (we babysat while Bill and Marcy had a well-deserved dinner out), we were reflecting on our time in Tucson and how much we enjoyed our time and the Catalina State Park.  When we had Bill and family over for BBQ hamburgers etc on Saturday, it was interesting for Connor (age 3) to see our moho, since he had been told that we were traveling and living in our moho.   He kept thinking we were living in our car...which may not be far from reality if the real estate market doesn't turn around!!! (just kidding).  It was fun showing him the moho and him seeing how it's like a little home (Ryan was the same in figuring out  our abode...many questions!!)

Anyway, the coyotes are abundant here---at night you can hear the pack howling their pleasure and the yipping of the young ones.  We could see their scat just feet from our beast's doorstep, plus the many sightings of huge jackrabbits---those things are ridiculous!

Heading out for Wickenburg, AZ, we first had to stop by the dump station and empty our tanks.  We had a pretty boring and hot ride to Florence, where we noted the big prison there, with concertina wire at three different levels on the 15-20' fence surrounding it.  There was also a less intense area with only the top level concertina wire and within these grounds were many acres of produce growing.  There was also a "Prison Outpost" where their produce was sold.

From Florence it was more interesting as we anticipated the Phoenix area looonng commute through to get to W 60.  We reflected on some of the great places we had just been through in AZ.  We had just passed Silly Mountain Rd prior to getting to our turn to Wickenburg, preceded by a whole slue of rather wild-west shoot-out sounding locations:  there was the Outlaws Mini Mart first, then Superstition Mountain Drive, Horsethief Basin, Deadman Wash, and then Bloody Basin Rd.....yikes!

I prefer the town of Bumble Bee, not far from the Curl-up and Dye hair salon, and then in Wickenburg the All Tressed Out salon...

We passed the Tom Mix memorial as we were any of you remember your parents talking about Tom Mix?  I remember my father saying to my childhood inquiry as to where he's been:  "I've just seen Tom Mix in 'Cement'"....I didn't really get it then, but after seeing the Tom Mix memorial, I see that having appeared in some 300 silent movies, Tom Mix was in just about everything in my father's day!

We arrived in Wickenburg and were given a nice spot in the RV Park, settled in and then explored the town via the Chamber and their printed walking tour.

We then realized the time and went directly to the museum, which was really a good one--housing much wild-west memorabilia, western art, old western store and home examples and very exuberant docents!

Casey Noodle forgot my birthday card (his quote:  "deer mom:  dad fergut ur krd frm mee--hez sorre!!) but I still love him ;-).  We had a nice, pretty authentic Mexican dinner at the Ranchero, and then got a call from Caroline wishing me a happy birthday! 

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