Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beautiful Bend and Around

Caroline graciously fixed dinner for us Monday and Tuesday as we continued to enjoy the kids, the grandkids and the weather.  We ate well! 

We went to the riverfront park, which extends at least a couple of miles along the Deschutes River and includes play areas, dog parks, picnic tables, much grass and pretty vistas.  Really a great asset to the city.  We took advantage of everything along the walk, with both kids on their bikes (Anna, 2 1/2, has the kind without pedals but otherwise looks like a teeny bike).  Ryan has just learned to ride without training wheels so he was glad to show off his new skills!  (only one small mishap)

We had dinner out at a Mexican restaurant tonight and the kids each had a bean burrito, with Anna sporting a bean soul patch towards the end...the 4 adults had either shrimp or beef fajitas and G&G took 2/3 of theirs back to the Beast for later consumption.

We're off to Boise, ID tomorrow via Burns, OR for a total of about 6 1/2 hrs driving or so.  We'll stop by for one final kiss goodbye from the g-kids and then off for new territory...

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